I really enjoy the book that I’m currently reading.


Yesterday, pretty spontanious, my friend Luca and me decided to make a liitle short film to this great song. So here it is.

"Growing Up." is the story of you and your imaginary friend, which our society earlier or later forces you to leave standing alone. Otherwise people will look at you weird, take pictures of you and shake heads.

"You have changed my friend, but so have I."

I hope you enjoy watching, share this!

Lucas Blog.

Tillis soundcloud (for the music)

We made something. It was heavier than it looks now. Check Out my friends blog: mtproductionsmunich

Sometimes you get filmed from a car and from a fucking rikscha. First day of shooting for the tv series was fun.

Anonymous inquired:
Just wanted to say, you're awesome!

Thanks, but you are going to change your opinion the moment I break the expensive old tea cup while trying to appear nice in front of your parents. 

August 19 (1)

My friends wrap post the most beautiful way. Also: glittery nail polish!

August 19 (0)

Thousands of people waiting for the train in Kostrzyn. The fire brigade came and put up huge fountains.

Woodstock Festival, Poland.
Joshua. On our way back to the train station.

Basti after a concert. That man’s a party animal!

Louisa and Daniel.

My friends made up this worshipping cult of “beer”. It had three godheads: Beer-kules, Beer-seidon and the Partyking. Everytime when someone accidentally spilled beer they would consult each other and decide about the punishment.

Here’s Beer-seidon himself being crucified. He still was fed with beer and cigarettes, though.

Woodstock Festival, Poland.


Woodstock Festival, Poland.
Cuddling is a thing to do when you’re bored.

I met this old man with a cannabis bandana that gave english tea and cream pie to everyone who would pass by. Only in Woodstock!

The hymn of our gang is “Mit dir” by the german speaking antifascist punk band “Feine Sahne Fischfilet”.  Everyone knows the lyrics by heart and singing the song with all of them has some sort of magic to it.

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