Dudes and Dudettes I need your help!
I got offered to show my paintings in a venue. Some bands will be playing and I’m not sure if I should go for

a) the all girl blues-rock Lillit and the Men in Grey whose music I enjoy more but that seem to be less known
b) the german hiphop band Tonomat 3000 that might draw more people to the event but whose crowd could also be less interested in what I’ve got to show

Help me to make a decision?!

September 15 (3)

Even more scanner-art from yesterday that looked to scary for a birthday invitation of our taste.

More scanner-art from yesterday.

Here’s some scanner art we made yesterday for a birthday invitation.

My friend Chiara and I have the same birthday so we’re going to celebrate her 19th and my 20th birthday on sunday together. We invited our closest friends and are really stoked for a nice evening with wine, good music and lots of food. (Fuck: 20 in a week - I’m scared!)

We visited Venice for some days and it felt good. Except for the day when we had to take the night line boat and stood in the rain for 2 hours and the other day when my pizza came with fish instead of zucchini.

Anonymous inquired:
Frei übersetzt: "Auf der Welt nahm alles seinen Lauf - bis gestern, halb 4."

Danke dir! Lernen ist sexy.

September 12 (2)
Anonymous inquired:
Heißt du echt Luca? das ist zu cool. ich heiße auch Luca.:) :) Ja, ich weiß, kein krasser Zufall, Luca war immerhin jahrelang in der Top 10 für Jungsnamen in Dtl, aaaaaber ich bin ein Mädchen. Haha.

Oh, das ist cool. In Kindergarten und Grundschule war das immer Angriffspunkt Nummer 1, weil bei mir die meisten Luca als Mädchennamen kannten aber ich fand das immer cool. Geschlechter sind eh überbewertet. Lucas dieser Welt vereinigt euch und so. :)

September 12 (0)

Drawing faces becomes more and more shematic for me. Not good.

Basti and Mi - Cutie couple.
Munich, 2014.

One of the best things to do is spending a warm summer afternoon painting with your closest friends. 

Little paintingsesh yesterday.

September 5 (0)

Killian, Myself and Mono.
Berlin, 2014.

We saw a bulk of police cars and vans. Not sure if we should be amused or pissed. We still look like a badass gang though.

Joshua, one of my most beautiful friends. Somewhere in Berlin while hanging out with all the others and figuring out what to do.

I found a Poster by BRONCO - one of my favorite Streetartists. Can someone translate here?
Berlin, 2014.

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