October 1 (1)

I’m stuck in an artistic crisis right now and I feel like such a bloody clich√©. But still I don’t know how to get these things out of my head and make them into something other people can look at.

October 1 (0)

Good things are happening. I fixed the shoulders of my winter coat with pink cotton which you can’t see but it feels good anyway. I made myself some brooches from trash toys I bought in Hamburg. And the new Jamie T Album arrived. But still I feel unhappy. My mind is weird.

September 30 (6)

I teached her how to do monotypes yesterday. I only made this one to show what I explained but I kind of like it.

Basically I just want to make album covers for dope bands for a living.

Basically I just want to live in a society where I can do want I want to do without having to worry about this bullshit money.


My Boi. Looking like the sleepy artist he is.

Hello. I like coffee.

September 24 (10)


We made perfect Seitan and even if this is a shitty photo, you have to believe me the two in the front have the most beautiful haircolours.

Vegans make better hair dyers? I guess?

September 24 (2)

Apparently I’m 20 now.

September 21 (3)

Yo! I made myself a little banner and a blog description. Feel free to check it out, yo.
Click here.

September 19 (2)

My first uni-problems have arrived. I can’t decide which courses to pick. Kind of want to do everything.¬†

September 18 (1)
Anonymous inquired:
youre so awesome, you seem like such an interesting person kinda wanna meet you and just talk about life and drink some stuff thatd be cool

Let’s not pretend that this is not possible, okay? One day might come. Thank you.

September 18 (0)

We met some beautiful cows on the second day.
Crossing of the Alps, August 2014.

Posing with anarchist flags at the border between Germany and Austria on top of the alps. Seeing this, brought back to my mind how ridiculous and on the same side horrible the idea is of sticking a pole somewhere in the nature, that decides about life and death. No borders, no nations!

Crossing of the Alps, August 2014.

Our backpacks weighted 12 kilos each. Recommended weight is 6 kilos. In the end we cancelled our crossing because of that. But at least we could cook ourself some pasta on 1900 meters above the sea level.

Crossing of the Alps, August 2014.

Crossing of the Alps, August 2014.

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