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Here’s to remember the old Lady in the supermarket, that had hundreds liters of alcohol in her shopping cart and asked me “Monsieur! Vous voulez passez moi?”, which was nice of her but even more fascinating was the fact that she refused to speak a german word but spoke French like we were in the middle of Paris. And surprisingly it worked. I hope she is not trying to find the Eiffel Tower right now.

And then there are days, when you get a text by a prof that you barely know yet from the uni you are going to study at, asking to meet her and some guys from the TV. And some hours later you realize that you might be acting in an upcoming shortfilm series about young students. Life’s magical.

The Bonobo show yesterday really impressed me. When going to concerts becomes a common thing, I tend to take it for granted. But yesterday made me realize how magic it is to see artists creating music to get lost in live in front of you. I should keep this experience somewhere back in my mind.

This was today. Underground Hiphop Jam with a writer contest, Bboys and Freestyles cypher. It feels good to see Hip-Hop as a non commercial culture again.
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.I think this was the last evening. Walking towards our holiday apartment which was a bit outside of central Amsterdam. 
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.Vondelpark is full of sculptures and art installations. I found this one.
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.I found this amazing James Kalinka Piece on the NDSM Werf. 
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.Nothing to see here. Just the usual torture of Meret (miralleserlauben) . Really nothing special. Believe me.
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.Amsterdam has this peninsular called NDSM Werf which is mostly an industrial area but also has some nice and trends bars and scenic places to offer. We got some icecream after we arrived.
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.We found this punk pub in Spuistraat and got some beers. But apparently David and Teresa where paying more attention to the dudes who where playing billiards in the back,
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.Bike rides and picnics. I think this was near Keizersgracht. 
Interrail 2014.Amsterdam, Netherlands.This is David (davidkoch-photography) waiting while some of us where buying food and toilet paper in a supermarket. Not the worst atmosphere for waiting. 
Interrail, 2014.Somewhere between Krakow and Weimar.littlewildcat sleeping in a cute and funny way. Basically sleeping is what we did mostly in the train.